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Re: Glade no longer generates C source code

"Neil Williams" wrote:
On Sun, 2008-08-31 at 04:17 +0300, Sami Liedes wrote:
I grepped the source tarballs in Lenny (testing) main section for the
note "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - it is generated by Glade." which
indicates the file is generated using the Glade UI editor. Then I
checked if these packages have any *.glade* files, which would be the
Glade projects, i.e. the "source code" (at least in the GPL sense,
"preferred form of modification") for these. For those of these
packages for which this is not a false alarm, I believe this would
fail DFSG #2, and for those being licensed under GPL, it would
probably make them non-distributable.

No. It would just mean that Glade was used to *originally* create the
file but then the file *has* been modified (many, many times) but the
warning simply hasn't been removed.

Glade no longer even generates the C files. Glade-2 did, Glade-3 does
not. (Try it, load glade-3, create a .glade file and try to get the
interface.c, support.c and callbacks.c source code files.)

Therefore, no matter what the C files say, it is no longer possible to
generate the C files using the current version of Glade and the C files
MUST be the preferred form for modification!

There is something wrong with that logic. The .glade file may still be the prefered form of modification, especially if the files had not been hand edited. The fact that the current version of the software used to generate it does not generate it anymore is quite irrelevant. If any of those packages have not modified the C output of the old glade, then if I wanted to make a change to the UI, the prefered method would be to edit the .glade file and regenerate the files using an old version of glade.

I do agree that *if* the files have been *extensively* hand edited, then they are indeed the prefered form of modification.

Minor hand edits might not make the the C files the prefered form, as being minor edits, the prefered form might be to edit the .glade files, regerate the c files with the old version of glade, and reapply the minor by-hand changes.

The case of the not modified 'C' files would be much like saying the Windows 3.1 .exe's generated by Microsoft Visual Basic 3 are the prefered form of modification for those programs because the latest version of Visual Basic no longer supports generating 16-bit executables.

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