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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

Francesco Poli wrote:
> Arc Riley wrote:
> > If you setup a system which required a delay, that would be questionable.
> I am not talking about an intentional delay.
> I am talking about something like the following scenario:
> the source-hosting server goes down, while I am on vacation on another
> continent with intermittent access to Internet.  My personal copy of
> the source is on my home computer which is down with the plug pulled
> off.  My vacation has just begun and is going to last, say, five
> weeks[1].  On my first Internet connection I receive an e-mail message
> of a user (which is also one of the original authors of the network
> application I modified!) who informs me that he/she could not download
> the source of the modified network application.
> Clearly, I am *not* going to immediately come back to the airport and
> take the first flight home, in order to re-upload the source to another
> server as soon as possible.
> Am I failing to comply with the license?

Just host the source code at Savannah or any other similar service.

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