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GNU Simpler Free Documentation License: discussion draft

Howdy all,

The 'debian-legal' forum is not an ideal place to discuss licenses in
the absence of a work to which the license is applied. Nevertheless,
one license that has caused considerable fuss is the GNU "Free
Documentation License", or FDL.

The FSF has a draft license named the "Simpler Free Documentation
License" <URL:http://gplv3.fsf.org/doclic-dd1-guide.html>; that page
says that the SFDL was published in draft form on 2006-09-26.

The FSF invite comment on the draft SFDL. Rather than showing the text
of a draft license here, I'll direct readers to the "discussion draft"
of the SFDL <URL:http://gplv3.fsf.org/sfdl-draft-2006-09-26.html>.
Interacting with the document required creating an account (username
and password) at the site, and using a Javascript-enabled browser.

So far, I can not see *any* comments at that document's URL. The
released version of the FDL has attracted a litany of well-reasoned
criticisms, many of them relating to freedom-related problems with the
license terms; has anyone used the above "discussion draft" interface
for the draft SFDL to comment on whether those criticisms also apply
to this license?

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