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Re: Misuse of Debian logo for City Tourism

"JS" == Joe Smith
"SL" == Steve Langasek

On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 01:49:37PM -0400, Joe Smith wrote:
    JS> Unfortunately, The Debian logo was made using a common
    JS> peice of propreitary software. It consists of a pre-made
    JS> brush stroke placed on a spiral. At least one message
    JS> indicated that the spiral was created using basically the
    JS> default settings of annother part of said software. This
    JS> has the unfortunate effect that many other people have
    JS> created logos virtually identical to the Debian Logo
    JS> completely independently.

    SL> This has never actually been demonstrated.  The brush
    SL> stroke itself is a default setting, but I find it
    SL> extremely unlikely that others have independently arrived
    SL> at a completely congruent shape.

I was able to come very close to replicating the logo in a few
seconds using an older version of Illustrator.  It's trivial.

Where Debian's logo differs from the default settings is in some
of the smaller bits of detritus in the innermost loop of the
spiral and around the edges.  Even there, I suspect you could
tinker a bit and match those as well.  In most cases of
``infringement'', though, I wonder whether the exact logo has been
copied (unlikely in most cases) or whether another designer has
simply used the tool to create a broadly similar spiral with a
roughly equivalent color and that's being flagged by people who
see it as the Debian logo without checking the details.


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