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Twisted OFL


I would like to prepare debs for 2 sets of Thai fonts distributed in the public,
one from govenmental organizations and the other from a typographical
association. They were distributed with openness in mind, but I find one
outstanding issue in their license terms.

Their licenses are almost the same--twisted OFL:
  1. http://www.ipthailand.org/ipthailand/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=346&Itemid=510
  2. http://www.thaiprintingfederation.com/webfont/index6.htm

Terms and conditions exerpt:

(1) Allow to use without any charges and allow to reproduce, study, adapt
and distribute this Font Computer Program. Neither the original
version nor adapted
version of Font Computer Program may be sold by itself, except bundled and/or
sold with any computer program.

(2) If you wish to adapt this Font Computer Program, you must notify copyright
owners (FTPI) in writing.

(3) No adapted version of Font Computer Program may use the Reserved Font
Name(s), the name(s) of the copyright owners and the author(s) of the Font
Computer Program must not be used to promote or advertise any adapted version,
except obtaining written permission from copyright owners and the author(s).

(4) The adapted version of Font Computer Program must be released under the
term and condition of this license.

The outstanding issue is (2), which is arguably not DFSG-free, as it requires
calling home. But from my understanding, this term is not intended to cover
an already adjusted version. That is, if I have adjusted and renamed the fonts,
with written notification according to the conditions above, my adjusted version
should be ready for further adjustments by any party without additional written
notification requirement.

On the other hand, an interpretation of (4) that the adjusted version must be
covered by all terms including (2) still arguably rules the adjustments by other
parties than me, which means they may still need to notify the copyright holder
before doing so.

The question is: would my adjusted version be free from the notification
requirement, making it somewhat OFL-equivalent?

BTW, besides adjustment notification, I have already tried to ask them to
clarify this condition, but as govermental entities, this requires many
steps of authorities to endorse. 18 months have passed without any
answer. So, I'd like to consult you how is it legally interpreted for this case.

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan

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