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Re: review of package "inform"

Hi Joe,

] The IF-archive has always existed for the express purpose of publishing
] author's Interactive fiction works, tools, and in some cases code. The
] very act of uploading a file fairly explicltly implies consent for
] personal use. 

I know that - that's exactly what my question was about... whether that
implication has any legal substance which we can base our redistribution
(or automated downloading) on. Oh, with automation I meant something quite
similar to flashplugin, btw... something along the lines of "postinst
prompt with license warning message", so a semi-automatism, if you want.

] Anyway, what files in particular are included in the Inform package
] that are thought to be problematic and who are the authors of those
] files? Many of the more prominent authors are still easy enough to
] reach on RAIF.

I've extracted my current license list from my WIP inform package to
-> http://www-pool.math.tu-berlin.de/~hesso/deb/inform_copyright_list

I guess it will be no problem to reach at least the more prominent RAIF
regulars like Emily Short, Roger Firth or Andrew Plotkin... but that's
my second step. I'd like to get the inform package into an acceptable
state first, so that it can be autobuilt (and migrate to testing). I
can always re-add those modules later.



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