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Nikto license on data files


Nikto  is a  security  web scanner  licensed  under GPLv2  only. It  was
orphaned some time ago and I am packaging the new upstream version.

While nikto.pl (the executable) is  licensed under GPLv2, the data files
that are used have a pretty restrictive license:

# This file may only be distributed and used with the full Nikto package.
# This file may not be used with any software product without written permission from cirt.net.
# (c) 2001-2005 cirt.net, All Rights Reserved

# By sending any database updates to cirt.net, it is assumed that you 
# grant cirt.net the unlimited, non-exclusive right to reuse, modify and relicense the changes.

I can still put  it in non-free but can I leave  it in main, providing I
don't ship (in  the binary package) files with  the restrictive license.
nikto  will then  be unusable  but the  user can  retrieve the  files by
himself  using "nikto  -update"  command  (and I  will  explain this  in
README.Debian,  with a  message  in  postinst and  with  a message  when
launching nikto.pl).

In this case, can I leave those files in the orig.tar.gz or should it be

Or will I need to put it  in contrib (because it cannot work without the
non-free stuff)?

Thanks for any insight on this matter.
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