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Re: Non-Profit Open Software License 3.0

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> It seems that the IETF Trust uses the "Non-Profit Open Software License
> 3.0" to license code written as work-for-hire under the auspices of the
> IETF (presumably this applies to efforts like the IETF Tools Team).
> The text of the license follows, as extracted from the PDF file linked
> to from <http://trustee.ietf.org/licenses.html>.
> Comments are welcome as to whether this license is DFSG-compliant.

At the least, 1(c) seems problematic:

> 1) Grant of Copyright License. Licensor grants You a worldwide,
> royalty-free, non-exclusive, sublicensable license, for the duration of
> the copyright, to do the following:


> c) to distribute or communicate copies of the Original Work and
> Derivative Works to the public, with the proviso that copies of Original
> Work or Derivative Works that You distribute or communicate shall be
> licensed under this Non-Profit Open Software License or as provided in
> section 17(d);

(Where 17(d) refers to earlier versions of the license.)


Peter Saint-Andre

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