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Re: mined copyright with no copyright

Mauro Lizaur wrote:
> I remember Michiel writing it. In the Netherlands you don't need to
> claim copyright, it comes from writing it.
> However in this case, Andy payed (100 guilders if I remember correctly)
> for mined, so that would make it a "work for hire".

Please note that "work for hire" in Dutch copyright law only applies
when the work is made by an employer. Merely paying someone to write
software doesn't mean you own the copyright on the software. There
has to be an actual employment contract between you and the writer.

> Both the Dutch and the US law (and probably most also the laws in other
> countries) would put the Copyright with Andy.

Ehm, no. Unless the contract between Tanenbaum and the writer transfers
copyright to Tanenbaum.


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