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Re: Gibson's possible patent on Guitar Hero idea

On Mon Mar 24 17:03, Miriam Ruiz wrote:

> Gibson's system is designed to be used with a "musical instrument" --
> and no matter what the Guitar Zeros have to say, it seems unlikey that
> Guitar Hero controllers, or a computer keyboard, really qualifies.

I agree, also:

> A musician can simulate participation in a concert by playing a
> musical instrument and wearing a head-mounted 3D display that includes
> stereo speakers.

I don't recall any head-mounted 3D displays in either guitar hero or

> Audio and video portions of a musical concert are pre-recorded, along
> with a separate sound track corresponding to the musical instrument
> played by the musician.

No video here...

> An external bypass switch allows the musician to suppress the
> instrument sound track so that the sounds created by actual playing of
> the musical instrument are heard along with the pre-recorded audio and
> video portions.

There's certainly not one of these either.

I think Gibson are being very optimistic here and neither Activision nor
Debian have anything to worry about.


Matthew Johnson

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