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Re: Desert island test

On Thu, 6 Mar 2008, MJ Ray wrote:
> > No, that isn't true.  A change to the license which says you don't need to
> > include source would prevent the bloody murderer from being a problem,
> > just like a change saying you don't need to send changes off the island
> > would prevent the island from being a problem.
> How could changing the license prevent the bloody lunatic from
> carrying out his promise "if you distribute any code licensed under
> the GPL with the corresponding source code, he will hunt you down and
> kill you in cold blood"?

If you change the license so it doesn't require you to include source,
you could distribute without source.  The lunatic only kills you if you
distribute with source.  Thus, he wouldn't kill you.

The lunatic interfering with you distributing source is like the island
interfering with you sending changes back to the author.

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