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Re: GPL v2/v3 ?

Thanks for your insight into Spanish law Miry & Steve. I did wonder what was 
wrong with the term "distribution" when v3 was written. I don't think this 
will put me off the GPL v2 though.

>  o  if you want to enhance compatibility *and* you trust the FSF to
> keep the promise that future versions of the GNU GPL will be "similar
>  in spirit to the present version"[2][3], then you may choose a "v2 or
>  later" approach
>   o  if you want to enhance compatibility *and* you don't mind seeing
>  your copyleft more or less weakened (or even completely destroyed) by
>  successive versions of the GNU GPL, then you may choose a "v2 or later"
>  approach[4]
>   o  if don't mind reducing compatibility *and* you want a strong and
>  certain copyleft (while not trusting the FSF to keep the spirit of the
>  GNU GPL v2 in successive versions), then you should choose a "v2 only"
>  approach

Yes I realised that the legal protection is "only as strong as the weakest 
[version]" in the case of multiple-licensing, and that using a "... or later 
version" type license required trust. I think, perhaps then, the sensible 
choice is to use a GPL v2 only license until a more satisfactory version is 
released or I am forced to use a more compatible license.

I enjoyed reading your critical comments [1] btw. I had read comments on 
section 5(d) before and didn't much like it. I was wondering how exactly it 
would have to be implemented in a GUI program (e.g. just hide entries away in 
menus or perhaps show on a splash screen), but I don't think I'll have to 
worry about this now anyway.

Thank you all for the help,

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2007/06/msg00267.html

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