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Re: Desert island test

On Mon, 3 Mar 2008, MJ Ray wrote:
> > Allow me to propose my own convenient test, which 
> > I refer to as the "Bloody Murderer Test":
> In that case and if the lunatic is truthful, no software under the GPL is free
> for 'you'.  However, that's the fault of the lunatic and not the software or
> its licence.  IMO the correct bugfix is to cancel out the lunatic.

I could equally use that reasoning for the mandatory redistribution case.
No software under that license is free for you, but that's the fault of the
situation and not the license.  The bugfix is to get off the island.

It's pretty similar to the bloody lunatic test; the license says you
can't distribute unless you follow some condition (distribute source/send
changes off the island), but an external force having nothing to do with the
author of the software forces you not to follow the condition.  Why is it
the fault of the external force in one case and the fault of the license in
the other?

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