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GPL v2/v3 ?

Hi (for lack of inspiration as to a more appropriate greeting),

I have been trying to decide on a license to use for my personal project. I 
was considering the MPL until I read about a lot of issues with it on the 
debian-legal lists.

I have since decided that the GPL is probably the most appropriate license to 
use (although I am not entirely sure I like the fact it restricts derived 
code from being distributed only under itself and not other licenses with the 
same terms; however maybe that is necessary for what it achieves).

Anyway, the above points are moot since I've pretty-much decided to use the 

However, I've been wondering whether license my project under the GPL v3, 
or "v2 only", or "v2 or later".

I did start reading through debian-legal's messages regarding comments on the 
GPL v3 but gave up after realising that there was far more information than I 
wanted and I wasn't very good at filtering out what I did want to know.

I did came across this message: 
(specifically the note on v3).

So, I was wondering if it makes the most sense to take a flexible approach and 
release under "version 2 or later" of the GPL, albeit allowing problems with 
either version of the license to be exploited, or be less flexible and 
release under one version (possibly v2). I don't think compatibility with 
other code's licenses is likely to be a problem either way.

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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