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Re: New program based on 2 differently-licensed previous ones

On Sun, 17 Feb 2008, Cameron Dale wrote:
> I'm creating a new program for Debian (not just packaging, but the
> entire program), and I have some questions about the license I can
> use. Some parts of the code are based on a previous work released
> under the MIT license, while some other small parts are based on GPL
> (v2) code from a different work. My questions are these:
> 1) Can I release the entire program under the GPL?

Assuming that the actual MIT licensed used is compatible with the GPL,
> 2) Do I NEED to make reference to the other works? Should I?

You need to keep the author's copyright and license statements intact.

> 3) Can I remove the headers in the files that I have modified that
> state the original authors and licenses of the files?

You shouldn't remove them. You should just indicate the extent of the
code that is available under MIT license, and the code that is new and
only available under GPL, to the extent that is possible.

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