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Re: Intel microcode CPU (#3)

Joe Smith wrote:

/       These microcode updates are distributed for the sole purpose of
/       installation in the BIOS or Operating System of computer systems
/       which include a Genuine Intel microprocessor sold or distributed
/       to or by you. You are not authorized to use this material for
/       any other purpose.

I did not read or comment on the earlier licences. However,

My concerns are about the last paragraph (the only one that now I quoted).
In previous versions, the license was only this paragraph, and it
was decided that it was not enough free for debian (or better
not enough clear to be 100% safe).

I agree that the first part of new license is enough for non-free.
BTW, I saw the same license (without the last paragraph) in an other
ITP firmware package.

So my concerns are on mixing the "two licenses".

So the top part sounds fine. From that alone it sounds distributable.
That buttom part seems ok to me as well. It is limiting it's use, but that is not unexpected in non-free licences.

I agree. Now I read it as the "purpose" (limit of use) of the file.
Previously I read it also as distribution right,
which was the main problem of the old license: it
was not really explicit the distribution right, which
I (wrongly) assumed (also because of an email permissions from Intel).


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