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ms-sys removal request

	Hello to debian legal mailing list,

I think that the ms-sys package should be removed:

Here there is the bug where I talked about this subject.

Here there is my explanation:

My argument is the following one. I can make a free software program
that can generate a Windows XP install disk without copyright infrigment.

How's that possible?!!

It's very easy. I just define some character arrays with the windows xp
binary data saved into hexadecimal values and I write some functions to
generate a file with the ISO extension from these character arrays.

You know. Windows XP install disk is very common and everyone has it
throught P2P thus there's no copyright problem. Microsoft would have
complained against P2P networks if there was any problem.

Doesn't my reasoning remember someone the ms-sys one with the ms boot

In my opinnion ms-sys package should be removed inmediately from Debian

The technical reason for ms-sys removing are the following ones:

1) You can check this file:

Its hex values are copy-pasted from the ms-sys reference page:


The only way that ms-sys can subsist in Debian is someone writing a program in asm that does the same thing as the W2K MBR boot code and then ms-sys claiming that the hex values from inc files are taken from a mbr file generated from this new program.

Thank you for your attention.


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