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Re: Licensing of package nauty

On Thu Jan 24 09:35, bremner@unb.ca wrote:
> 	Copyright (1984-2007) Brendan McKay. All rights
> 	reserved. Permission is hereby given for use and/or
> 	distribution with the exception of sale for profit or
> 	application with nontrivial military significance. You must
> 	not remove this copyright notice, and you must document any
> 	changes that you make to this program. This software is
> 	subject to this copyright only, irrespective of any copyright
> 	attached to any package of which this is a part.
> 	 Absolutely no guarantees or warranties are made concerning
> 	 the suitability, correctness, or any other aspect of this
> 	 program. Any use is at your own risk.
> I can ask the author if would distribute under some DFSG free license,
> but in the case that he declines, is there any other clarification
> needed before it can be included in non-free?

This looks like it gives us permission to distribute it in non-free if
you can get it licenced under a DFSG-compatible licence.


Matthew Johnson

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