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Re: patents on Frets on Fire, Pydance, StepMania and such games

On Jan 18, 2008 12:20 PM, Arnoud Engelfriet <arnoud@engelfriet.net> wrote:
> There is a European patent EP1064974B1 and a Japanese application
> JP2001009152.


> You can locate family members by going to
> http://ep.espacenet.com/numberSearch?locale=en_EP
> entering one member's number (US6347998 in this case). Then
> click on the result to get the details. On the right there's
> the "Also published as".

Indeed. Unfortunately my employer's web-filtering software has blown a
gasket and temporarily blocked all access to that site (because the
URLs include the string ".exe"), so I couldn't access it to check the
Konami patent.


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