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license issuse in qterm


I am the maintainer of qterm and I am checking the license issue in qterm.

qterm is release under GPL-2+ as a whole, and the source files are
released under GPL-2+, LGPL-2.1+, BSD-2 and others.

qterm/ssh/getput.h is released under following license[1]. And I don't
know whether it's OK to distribute it as GPL-2+, or whether it fulfill
DFSG, thanks.

$ cat qterm/ssh/getput.h | head -15
/*      $OpenBSD: getput.h,v 1.8 2002/03/04 17:27:39 stevesk Exp $      */

 * Author: Tatu Ylonen <ylo@cs.hut.fi>
 * Copyright (c) 1995 Tatu Ylonen <ylo@cs.hut.fi>, Espoo, Finland
 *                    All rights reserved
 * Macros for storing and retrieving data in msb first and lsb first order.
 * As far as I am concerned, the code I have written for this software
 * can be used freely for any purpose.  Any derived versions of this
 * software must be clearly marked as such, and if the derived work is
 * incompatible with the protocol description in the RFC file, it must be
 * called by a name other than "ssh" or "Secure Shell".

Best Regards,
 LI Daobing

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