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GPLizing BSD licensed sources

Dear Legal people,

I am looking for a quick hint. lush project ships sources of modified
version of libsvm which is released under BSD license. Since lush is
GPLed, and they heavily modified those libsvm sources, they added a
generic copyright + GPL excerpt on top above original BSD license.
Please see
for an example.

Although no clause of BSD license seems to be violated, I still have
some unpleasant aftertaste. Am I right that technically it is ok?

or may be file needs cleaner header which would state explicitly that
only modifications  since original version LIBSVM-2.5 are under
GPL and copyrighted by lush authors?

Thanks in advance for the clarifications

Yaroslav Halchenko
Research Assistant, Psychology Department, Rutgers-Newark
Student  Ph.D. @ CS Dept. NJIT
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