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Re: Review-request for Mugshot Trademark Guidelines

"John Halton" <johnhalton@gmail.com> wrote in message [🔎] 20071206184407.GA4593@debian.borkwood">news:[🔎] 20071206184407.GA4593@debian.borkwood...
Including that notice in the package long description would
certainly cover the packages.debian.org and downloading via
aptitude/synaptic. But I don't think out ftp architecture is set up
such as to allow us to include a README file in the same directory.

My guess is that including the statement in the package's long
description is would be considered by RedHat as sufficient, but we
should really get clarification.

I'd be amazed if this approach was a problem, but I agree a
clarification is worthwhile. Presumably the notice could also be
included in the "copyright" file?

Yes, I would say the notice should be in the copyright file, especially to point
out the fact that it should not be removed from the long description.


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