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JOGL in Debian


I am one of the developer of Scilab. We are rewriting the GUI from scratch
using Java (Swing) and JOGL.
Since we prefer to have Scilab packages available (especially because
Scilab is going to change his  license to a free one), we need to have JOGL
in Debian. I did a debian package of the latest version of JOGL ready to be
incorporated in Debian.
However, it seems that there is an issue highlighted by Fedora and Robert
A part of the code of JOGL is under the SGI Free License B. The FSF says
that it is not a free license [1]. It is why Anthony Green removed it from
The "defense" of the dev of JOGL, Ken Russell [2] and Tom Marble [3]
(both from Sun) is that both Fedora and Debian are shipping Mesa with the
*exact same code* with the same license.

If we are shipping SGI Free B code in debian, I guess we can accept JOGL in
Debian ?

What is your opinion(s) on this ?


[1] http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html


[3] Email of Tom Marble :
- JOGL contains the exact same SGI FreeB code as Mesa
- If another implementation of the OpenGL GLU image scaling and tesselator
  routines which is licensed under a different license than SGI FreeB (and
  compatible with JOGL's BSD license) shows up, we can consider
  re-porting that to Java.
- The code is nearly 15 years old and it's a safe bet that SGI isn't
  making much money off this particular area of the code at this point.
I respect that we all need to get rid of the FreeB code.  However I don't
think it's fair that the *exact same code* is accepted for Mesa, but not
for JOGL.

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