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Distributability of Ruby's PDF::Writer

Hi, debian-legal

I'm basically done packaging the Ruby PDF::Writer [1] (as
libpdf-writer-ruby; ITP #442087). While the module itself is under an
MIT license, it includes quite a bit of different licenses in its
material. Please refer to the debian/copyright file of my
work-in-progress packaging [2].

Summarizing it:

- Main package: MIT
- ImageSize: Ruby's licensing (GPLv2+Ruby License)
- Some demo programs creating Quick Reference cards: Content and
  output under CC Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike
- Some images used for other demo programs: CC Attribution ShareAlike
- Adobe PostScript AFM Files: may be used, copied, and distributed for
  any purpose and without charge, with or without modification,
  provided that all copyright notices are retained; that the AFM files
  are not distributed without this file; that all modifications to
  this file or any of the AFM files are prominently noted in the
  modified file(s); and that this paragraph is not modified 

So, I see two basic issues:

1- The demo programs which are under NonCommercial. The only way out,
   I think, is to repackage .orig.tar.gz removing such material - And,
   of course, requesting upstream to split the actual code from the
   demo files. And wish for the best.

2- This is the main reason I contact -legal: The short license
   regarding the Adobe PostScript AFM files does mention 'for any
   purpose and without charge'. How would you interpret this? Charging
   for media including this file would be illegal? Repackaging the AFM 
   files by themselves and charging for them would be illegal? Could
   this be included in main, or is it a candidate for non-free?

Thank you for any insight.

[1] http://ruby-pdf.rubyforge.org/pdf-writer/

[2] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-ruby-extras/packages-wip/libpdf-writer-ruby/trunk/debian/copyright?op=file&rev=0&sc=0

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