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Re: debian/copyright and actual copyrights


Yaroslav Halchenko <debian <at> onerussian.com> writes:

> My questions to the list now:
> 1. Do we have to list all copyright holders + licenses per each piece of
> software distributed within a package? 

The opinion of the ftp-masters ist that we do have to:


> or it is more of "should" than
> "must" (which would be in strong disagreement with my previous state of
> mind)?

In the above bugreport (which is only important, not serious) it's treated as a
should. However, that should maybe be looked at in the light of the fact that we
are talking about hundreds if not thousands of files with differing licenses and
a package which is at the heart of our documentation building processes (and
that the bug is being worked on by willing maintainers, albeit slowly). For a
package like wacom-tools, considerations might lead to "serious" even.

Regards, Frank

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