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Re: Advise about missing copyright info

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007 12:10:03 +1000 Ben Finney wrote:

> A party who wishes to exercise their freedoms can do so without
> identifying themselves, if they anonymously declare that all their
> modifications are transferred to the existing copyright holders.
> This allows them full exercise of all the freedoms under DFSG. DFSG
> requires the freedom to modify and redistribute, but does *not*
> require the freedom to hold copyright in one's modifications.

Wait, are you saying that you consider DFSG-free to require transfer of
copyright to the original author(s) in order to redistribute modified
versions of a work?

I do not agree.

Moreover, take into account that, in some (if not many) jurisdictions,
transfer of copyright (of economic rights, to be more precise) requires
legal paperwork signed by the parties (a statement in a README file does
not suffice)...  Hence, we are back in the identity diclosure problem.

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