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Re: License Question

(Charliej has asked a straightforward question about a package's
license and whether it can be in Debian. Accordingly, I'm crossposting
to debian-legal; please follow up on that list. Charliej, please
subscribe to debian-legal to follow the discussion.)

Charliej <cjsmo@cableone.net> writes:

> I am working on packaging a front end for MPD called Pitchfork.  I
> was looking through the source gathering copyright information and
> noticed that some components are released under the:
> 1. Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic
> 2. PHP License Version 3.01
> Will these licenses keep this package out of Debian?

I believe the ftpmasters strongly discourage any packages under the
PHP License that are not part of PHP itself. The license terms discuss
core PHP specifically, and it's unclear whether any non-core PHP
package is free under those terms.

The CC v2.0 licenses have freeness problems in their terms — search
the debial-legal list archives for some discussions of those problems
— but ftpmasters don't necessarily agree that those problems prevent
the package from entering Debian.

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