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Re: Bug#431883: dcraw license does not give permission to distribute modified versions or source alongside

On Friday 14 September 2007 10:38:40 Steve King wrote:
> This is David Coffin's proposed license text for the next version of
> dcraw: No license is required to download and use dcraw.c.  However, to
> lawfully redistribute dcraw, you must either (a) offer, at no extra
> charge, full source code* for all executable files
>     containing RESTRICTED functions, (b) distribute this code under
>     the GPL Version 2 or later, (c) remove all RESTRICTED functions,
>     re-implement them, or copy them from an earlier, unrestricted
>     Revision of dcraw.c, or (d) purchase a license from the author.
>     The functions that process Foveon images have been RESTRICTED
>     since Revision 1.237.  All other code remains free for all uses.
>     *If you have not modified dcraw.c in any way, a link to my
>     homepage qualifies as "full source code".
> To my eyes this seems to tick the DFSG boxes, but I would appreciate any
>   opinions on this matter.

Regardless of the other options, since (b) says you can distribute under 
GPLv2, I don't see a problem.

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