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Re: Trademark scope (just for the record)

On Fri, 07 Sep 2007, Rick Moen wrote:
> I was not suggesting that was the case. Read what I _said_, please.
> I was pointing out one huge clue, from the realm of everyday
> commerce, that should have alerted Debian users to the fact that,
> no, it is not true that one must ask a trademark owner's permission
> to use that mark.

Those of us who have discussed this issue at length are quite aware of
the scope of trademark law and the obvious cases where we would need
permission, and where permission is not required.

You'll note that in the discussion we've distinguished between
functional and non-functional uses of the trademark.

Finally, the precise place where trademark rights stop is necessarily
a legal question; the place where we decide to compromise, a community

Don Armstrong

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