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Re: Exporting Issues related with US laws

Dererk <dererk@madap.com.ar> writes:

> The developer of a software I'm about to package, faced the problem
> of exporting cryptography libraries outside the US, he finally
> turned out his view and he will make his main repository available
> outside the US, punctually in the U.K.

On reading the whole message, I'd like to summarise for those who
(like me) believe they already know the answer:

Daniel Drake (a UK citizen currently living in the USA) wants to
release, under the GNU LGPL, software that involves fingerprint
recognition algorithms. This, according to Daniel's research into the
laws, falls foul of US munitions export regulation under a category
separate from cryptographic algorithms — and does *not* have an
exception allowing export of free software.

I don't have an answer, but I hope for a successful conclusion that
allows free release of this software.

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