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MIRACL license text (was: About MIRACL license)

dererk <dererk@madap.com.ar> writes:

> I need help about a software that's license under MIRACL license.
> http://www.shamus.ie/index.php?page=Downloads

When asking for a discussion of a license text, please post the full
text here so the discussion and license text are both found together
in the list archives.

Here is the current text of the license at that URL:


MIRACL is FREE for non-profit making, educational, or any
non-commercial use. In other words if you aren't going to make any
money out of it, we don't expect to either. Basically good
old-fashioned Shareware. Several precompiled Windows 'NT/95/98/00/XP
Command Prompt executables described below are also unconditionally
free. The user's manual and the reference manual are available on the
Documentation page.

For Linux support and other useful download information, see the
README file.

The term "commercial use" means any for-profit use of the MIRACL
library. Any commercial use of MIRACL requires a license which may be
obtained from Shamus Software Ltd. Updates are free.

    * Single user license 1,000.00 Euros for first

    * Per additional user 500.00 Euros

    * Server license  5,000.00 Euros

Single user license : MIRACL is installed and used on one single
machine, which may not be used as a server. You can download a blank
single user license in Word format from license.doc or in postscript
form from license.ps.

Server license : MIRACL is installed and used on one server machine
and there is no limit on the number of clients.

When buying any kind of license, you have the right to install and to
develop your own programs using MIRACL. You are also allowed to sell
the binaries of your own programs that have been compiled using
MIRACL. There are no runtime royalties. All licenses are
non-exclusive. If you sell software that was developed using MIRACL,
there is no requirement to cite MIRACL. Redistributing your licensed
copy of MIRACL to a third party is not allowed. A commercial license
for the installation and use of MIRACL is always given for one
machine. Installing or copying the software to another machine is not

To register MIRACL follow these steps (steps 1 and 2 are optional)

   1. Email us and ask for a blank license to confirm the conditions
   of use.

   2. We send you a blank license by email.

   3. You send us a Purchase Order. An order number by email is

   4. We send you an Invoice (by email if OK with you), with our bank
   account details.

   5. You pay us.

   6. We send you a license.

If more information is required contact mscott@shamus.ie .


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