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Re: uploading GPLv3 packages

* Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> [2007-07-31 18:52]:

> There have been GPLv3 packages in unstable since the day after the license
> was released, and there has been analysis of the license on this list that
> one of the ftpmasters participated in.  Barring any adverse license
> interactions with related packages, GPLv3 is fine for main.

Good to know that.

I have a technical question though: how are people circumventing the Lintian
checks, since GPLv3 is not yet in /usr/share/common-licenses/?  If I add the
text of GPLv3 to the debian/copyright file, then Lintian barks with
"copyright-file-contains-full-gpl-license".  If I add the COPYING file to
the /usr/share/doc/<package>/ directory and put its location in
debian/copyright, then Lintian yells with "extra-license-file".

Of course, I can just ignore the Lintian grumblings and just upload the
package, but I would like to know how the other developers are doing.


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