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Re: License and copyright in generated code from wsdl2h in gsoap package

Khalid Aziz wrote:
> So the generated code not only automatically gets placed under GPL, it
> also gets its copyright assigned to someone else. 

In many jurisdictions, an assignment of copyright requires a piece
of paper signed by the copyright holder (and usually by the recipient
as well). The piece of paper can often be replaced by a digitally
signed electronic document, but I do not believe for one second that
such an automatically generated notice qualifies as an assignment document.

I don't know this tool at all. Does it only transform your input
into code, or is some code written by this Robert van Engelen also
inserted? For example, startup code or some standard library?

If there's code by Van Engelen, he can set whateverlicense he wants
on this code. If that license is GPL, that means any combination of
that code with your work can only be distributed under the GPL
as well.

This is indeed similar to gcc, which adds code from libgcc (or
libstdc++) to your program. But gcc has an exception that permits 
you to use  whatever license you want to the output.


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