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Volunteer brickbat thrower needed in London (Tuesday 24th 6pm)

Quoting http://ossg.bcs.org/2007/07/24/:

  The Open Source Specialist Group (OSSG) will be holding an interactive
  event on Tuesday 24th July 2007 over a proposal to create a British
  Computer Society (BCS) Open Source Licence.

Obviously this is a very bad idea.  To make the point against stupid
licence proliferation it would be good to make an example of whatever
bunch of idiots proposed it.

I think the best response would be to have someone attend the meeting
and read out statements in opposition from Debian, the FSF, and OSI.
(An SPI resolution would take too long but we could get a statement
from the SPI board chair perhaps.)

A Debian Developer would be a natural choice and would have good
standing to informally expand (on their on behalf) on such statements.
Would anyone like to volunteer ?  Please email me at the address
above.  When we have a volunteer I'll contact the FSF and OSI (I've
already BCC'd leader@ on this mail).


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