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Re: Final text of GPL v3

This one time, at band camp, Francesco Poli said:
> Clause 2c of GPLv2 is already an inconvenience and border-line with
> respect to DFSG-freeness.  This is, at least, my humble opinion on the
> matter.
> "Border-line" does not mean that it *fails* the DFSG, but that it's
> *very close* to fail.
> Compare with the obnoxious advertising clause of the 4-clause BSD
> license: it's an inconvenience close to fail the DFSG, IMO.  But we
> accept it as DFSG-free.

If you believe this, then you are misreading the DFSG.  We explicitly
hold those two licenses up as exemplars of a free software license, to
make it clear what the rest of the DFSG is about.  If you find the
exemplars are close to failing your idea of what the DFSG means, then
your idea is wrong.
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