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Re: Bug #383316: Derivative works for songs

Francesco Poli wrote:

>  > Now, it would be preferable to be able to regenerate the
>  > recording from the MIDI.  Which would mean including the
>  > soundfonts (instrument descriptions, basically) used.  So the question
>  > of whether  they  are free is also important.
>  Really important, IMO.
>  > Here's a legal
>  > question:  Do you need a copyright license for the soundfont in order
>  > to distribute  or modify the recording made using them?
>  I don't know, but I'm afraid we need one, as long as the soundfonts are
>  copyrightable works by themselves...

what if the recording was of actual people playing actual instruments?
You know, like people always used to. How to you generate that from
'source' at build time? what _is_ the source?


Matthew Johnson

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