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Re: License-Question (expanded GPL)

In message <20070513191432.GB11660@Wunder-Nett.org>, Cord Beermann <cord@debian.org> writes

I want to add a package to Debian with the following

The Simple PHP Blog is released under the GNU Public License.

It's the GNU *General* Public Licence. There's no such thing (afaik) as the GNU Public Licence.

You are free to use and modify the Simple PHP Blog. All changes
must be uploaded to SourceForge.net under Simple PHP Blog.

This requirement is incompatible with the GPL. In other words, this paragraph contradicts the previous one. NOT a good idea in a licence grant.

Credit must be give to the original author and the Simple PHP Blog
logo graphic must appear on the site and link to the project
on SourceForge.net

I think this has the same problems as the previous paragraph.

Does this make the package incompatible to DFSG?

No distributor with any sense would touch this with a bargepole. Your grant of licence is self-contradictory, and as such it would not be wise to rely on it...

Anthony W. Youngman - anthony@thewolery.demon.co.uk

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