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Re: Scummvm games: software or data? [from gNewSense]

MJ Ray wrote:
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gnewsense-users/2007-05/msg00072.html

My limited understanding is that ScummVM games are software whose
preferred form of modification is the game files as distributed. Since I
have never actually modified a ScummVM game, I am unsure as to the tools
etc that would be used. Tore seemed confident that he could modify the
games as necessary to maintain them when I talked with him about it.

FWIW, there are other packages in Debian that are similar. For example,
lambdacore is essentially a dump of a running MOO, including lots of
programs. Its preferred form of modification is to start up the moo and
use the in-world commands and programming environment. You _could_ edit
the core directly, but it would probably be very painful.

> Does this get into debian because the above is a trivially-avoidable
> restriction with a Hello World, or is this an unreported serious bug?
> The licence problem was mentioned in its ITP Bug 203862, but there was
> no solution before upload AFAICS.

The license may have changed between the ITP and the upload. The mail
archives I have here arn't clear. Ask Tore, he was definitely talking
with upstream about licensing at the time.

The current license seems free enough, with the standard hello world
workdaround. At least it's not the only thing in Debian so licensed,

see shy jo

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