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RE: Bug#383316: Derivative works for songs

--- Francesco Poli <frx@firenze.linux.it> escribió:

> We must determine what is the preferred form for making modifications to
> the song.  I'm not sure an Ogg Vorbis + MIDI form qualifies...

I think that's quite complex to decide on a single-game basis, as that
decision might affect most of other games, as well as synthetic videos, music
all around the archive and most of media files in fact. I'm n ot really sure
if the repositories are prepared to handle sucha a big amount of data, i guess
we should contact the release team to check.

At some point I guess we should need to reach a decision about this, which
will probably involve massive bug-filling if we decide .mpg, .avi, .mp3, .ogg
files and so do not qualify enough as modifiable files, but for the moment I'd
prefer to stick with the currently usual way of allowing mp3 files in the
archive for this game (license allowing modification and redistribution, of
course), unless there is a big oposition to that. If not, it's time to start a
big debate about what is considered source form in art (which, in fact, I
think it'll be quite an interesting topic).


PS: I'm not subscribed to debian-legal, so please include me in CC in your replies.

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