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Re: Could you please forward this proposed license to Teosto? (was: Re: Choosing a license for Frets on Fire songs)

On Thu Apr 26 21:16, Jason Spiro wrote:
> I don't know much about how to write licenses, and this is the first
> one I have ever written.  I figured that everything after the "subject
> to the following conditions:" would automatically override the initial
> permissions I gave.  I guess I was wrong?

This is a very very good reason not to write your own. debian-legal
always advises against doing so. How about using:
http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd-nc/1.0/legalcode with 4. d.
added saying:

   You may not distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, or
   publicly digitally perform the Work except as part of the game.

and 1. g.:

   "The Game" means the game Frets on Fire or a derivative work of 
   Frets on Fire.

This would, of course, have to be renamed something else, but it is good
to make as small modifications as possible. It would also need t be run
past debian-legal and Teosto's legal team.


Matthew Johnson

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