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Swiftfox license

Hi Debian legal
I am writing you to ask a question that someone I know doesnt believe. It has to do with the Swiftfox license. Can you please confirm or deny that it passes the DFSG? Thanks. I say it doesnt, but he requires proof. Thanks.

Here is the license.


1. Swiftfox binaries are not distributed under the MPL
  license and are not freely distributable.  Swiftfox
  is licensed only to the user that downloads the
  binary from getswiftfox.com and no distribution
  to other parties is allowable under this license.
  Download of any binary from getswiftfox.com
  constitutes acceptance of these terms.

2. Swiftfox source code is available for download from
  getswiftfox.com which is in keeping with the
  requirements set forth by mozilla.org.  This source
  code includes all patches that have been applied to
  create Swiftfox other than those that involve
  branding.  Swiftfox source code compiles correctly
  on my build machine.  No warranty or support is
  provided for builders.

3. Source code only is licensed MPL as required by
  mozilla.org http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/MPL-1.1.txt
  Binaries are not MPL and no redistribution of
  binaries is allowable under any circumstances.

4. Swiftfox as a brand is trademark Jason Halme
  <jason@getswiftfox.com> and as such builders must
  either use the default unofficial build name as
  supplied by mozilla.org or create a name of your
  choosing other than Swiftfox.  No Swiftfox branding
  is allowable in unofficial builds.

5. These license restrictions are in place to protect
  the integrity of Swiftfox and to ensure that when
  users of the community download and install Swiftfox
  they can be assured they are getting an official
  build that has not been altered in anyway that might
  include malicious content.

Thanks for your time.

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