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Re: Debian-approved creative/content license?

Terry Hancock <hancock@anansispaceworks.com> writes:

> The true distinction is between "aesthetic works", meaning works
> which are valued for themselves (i.e. you sensually appreciate the
> work in one form or another) and "utilitarian works", meaning works
> whose principle value is in how they are used.

That's a disctinction which may be interesting (certainly it's more
interesting than "creative"/"non-creative"). However, it's a
distionction which can only apply to the combination of a work *and* a
person appreciating it *and* the time at which they are
appreciating. If any of those change, the distinction can also change.

So it's not valid to make the distinction depend *solely* on the
work. Since a free license applies *only* to a work (i.e. it does not
distinguish based on who is receiving the work nor when they do so),
it's not a useful distinction to make between the types of licensing
required for different works.

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