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Re: Debian License agreement

On Sunday 25 March 2007 04:37, Ben Finney wrote:

> > EULA must say "yes, Debian really consists only of such software
> > which not restrict any party from using, selling or giving away the
> > software" etc etc....
> There is no warranty on anything in Debian, because Debian is licensed
> freely to all recipients. No-one is paying Debian for such guarantees.
  Yes, you're right. Thanks for info everybody.

  It looks like the problem will be solved in nearby future in one way or 
another. One of russian resellers told me that he understand the problem and 
he is going to print such LA (in Russian, exclusivley for russian cops) after  
discussing with distribution HQ. But I believe it will be ubuntu... at least 
it is not FC or Mandriva, I should be happy.


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