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Post your Film Festival on TrustedOpinion.com

I am Melinda Roberts at TrustedOpinion.com, a new Internet service that provides personal, reliable movie recommendations. I was checking out your website (where I found your email address), and it occurred to me that there might be real value in cross-promotion between our sites.

These free benefits are instantaneous, and:

* You get an additional avenue to promote your film festival;
* You get your own place for you to create a social network that shares tastes and opinions, specific to your niche; and
* You get a means of communication about and around movies, something we are both passionate about.

The main benefit of TrustedOpinion.com over other recommendation sites is that it is commercially unbiased and it provides personal recommendations automatically within a community you build.

Please feel free to look around the site, and we would love it if while there you were to:
1. join at http://www.trustedopinion.com;
2. add the link to your festival in your user profile;
3. rate movies; and
4. start building your community by inviting your colleagues, film makers, and friends.


Melinda Roberts

Community Manager
Where YOUR friends suggest what's BEST

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Trusted Opinion Inc, 228 Hamilton Avenue, Third Floor, Palo Alto, CA 94304
Check it out: http://www.trustedopinion.com/home.do?code=4NLLBJ4
- Mindy Roberts
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