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Re: What should be in debian/copyright when a gpl source now depends on openssl?

On Mon, 26 Feb 2007 11:33:08 -0500 Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

> That won't work as there is no SSL excpetion for the GPL.  You can
> check the copyright file for the httperf to see how I handled this
> same issue. There are others, but that is the only one I can think of
> off the top of my head.

It's worth pointing out explicitly that the addition of the SSL
exception requires the agreement of all the copyright holders. 
Consequently, both Narcis Ilisei and opendns have to be contacted and
must agree to add the exception (thus granting permission to link their
code with OpenSSL), in order to fix the issue.

The exception is necessary according to the FSF linking theory, which is
a legal theory that has never been tested in court, and hence we do
*not* know whether it's a valid theory or not.  We take it for valid to
be on the safe side...

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