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Re: Comments on the latest public CC draft

On Mon, 26 Feb 2007 08:05:22 +1100 Andrew Donnellan wrote:

> On 2/26/07, Francesco Poli <frx@firenze.linux.it> wrote:
> > Hi all!
> >
> > In a recent message[1] to the cc-licenses list, a new draft of
> > CC-v3.0 licenses was announced.  The message included one document
> > as attachment: BY-SA v 3 (020907) (US).pdf
> >
> > [1]
> > http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/cc-licenses/2007-February/005013.html
> <snip>
> Are there any differences between this draft and CC3.0 Final?

I've just been told (both privately and on cc-licenses) that the final
texts are out.
I didn't know that while I was wasting my time on an already obsolete
draft, since no announcement had been sent to the cc-licenses list.  :-|

I still have to read the final text (I am not so fast!): hence I don't
know whether there are differences with respect to the draft I analyzed
(but I've been told that there are).
I hope I will soon find the time to review CC-by-sa-v3.0 (final)...

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