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Hi, all.

  In the previous stable Debian there had been rocks-n-diamonds
package. Later it was excluded from Debian as not corresponding
to Debian policy with the following formulation:

Rocks-N-Diamonds contains sound,  graphics and level data which
violate section  2.3  of the Debian policy manual.  Some of the 
game content originates  with  commercial sources that have not 
provided explicit permission for their reuse.

I would like  to return the  game into Debian.  That's why I've
separated those parts  with questionable licensing  (or without
licensing at all) from the rest and assembled into the separate
package only the game that was licensed by GPLv2.

So the distribution  of the game  itself will not contradict to 
the Debian policy,  and users will be able to download the game
resources independently. For downloading of these resources
I've written the script for debconf system.

A man who will  probably sponsor  the inclusion of this package
into Debian offered me firstly to discuss the situation in this
mail list.

  Are there any contradictory evidences for including this 
package into Debian in the way offered by me?

_preliminary_ package version may be downloaded from:

deb http://uvw.ru/debian/ ./
deb-src http://uvw.ru/debian/ ./

  Now I discuss the imperfections of realization of the package
itself with the future sponsor.  In the near future I'll modify
the package  according to his recommendations,  so please don't 
pay attention to  the  possible  imperfections  and  the way of 
script working.   It may be modified  after the  solving of the 
principal problem: 

is it possible to include the package into Debian?

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