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Re: Bug#383481: Must source code be easy to understand to fall under DFSG?

On Sun, 5 Nov 2006 00:17:48 +0100 Arnoud Engelfriet wrote:

> Now I wonder: I've got some texts which I wrote in Microsoft Word and
> then converted to PDF. While I can create a more-or-less useful HTML
> version, I prefer to work on them in the proprietary Word format.
> Suppose Debian would like to package the PDF files, what would be 
> the source? Word? The HTML? The PDF itself?

In that case, the Word .doc format would be the source form.
And (assuming that the document is released in a DFSG-free manner) it
would be distributable in main, as long as it is readable and modifiable
with a tools in main (OpenOffice.org, for instance) and the PDF is
regenerated with one such tool.
Otherwise it would go in contrib (as it would Build-Depend on
out-of-main components).
But it is also tradition that times *must* and always
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