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font presents in http://www.webpagepublicity.com

The page mentioned in the subject contains high quality fonts. Some of them have very good non antialiased rendering (necessitate the bytecode interpreter in freetype though, but this is not the topic of my question). In fact we find some font which appears to be identical in the rendering of the so called "microsoft true type core font". The page do not display any copyright information, but it is a notice on the some of the file theirself, for example the Arial.ttf contains the following (visible with the true type viewer of MS Windows or strings <filename> | grep -i copyright):

Digital Font Labs - Copyright (c) , 2000. ...... FREEWARE ....... Use this font at your own free will.

This should be DFSGF.

But this seems to beautiful to be true, so does anyone know more about this website? Is the above copyright real or forged? A search on the web seems that this site is rather popular so I hope one of you know more. If (some of) these fonts appears to be really free, it might be worthwhile to include some of them in Debian.


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