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Re: conquer relicensing

The title of this thread made me think, "Gee, I'd love to conquer
relicensing."  I'm certainly not a relicensing master yet.  :-)

vejeta@gmail.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm new dealing with licenses and I've been trying to catch up, however
> I need advice.
> Edward M Barlow wrote "conquer", a middle earth multi-player curses
> based game, and posted it in USENET at comp.sources.games around 1987
> and 1988. Later Adam Bryant contributing with code and patching the
> original sources.
> Recently I managed to contact Ed Barlow and asked him for permission to
> relicense conquer as free software. My concerns are around the
> contributed code of Adam Bryant who I didn't manage to contact.
> Please check the original C source code of conquer v4.11 at  [1] and
> look that three files (navy.c, sort.c, and trade.c) specially the
> latter have a notice like this:
> /*conquer : Copyright (c) 1988 by Ed Barlow.*/
> /*
> * The following file "trade.c" was written by Adam Bryant who
> * gives all rights to this code to Ed Barlow provided that this
> * message remains intact.
> */
> Could the code be relicensed as GPL v.2 or any compatible license with
> this notices?

Yeah, Adam Bryant's intent seems extremely clear.  I'm not a lawyer and I'm
not sure exactly how the clause would be interpreted, but it pretty clearly
lets Ed Barlow license the code however Ed wants.  Unless Adam Bryant comes
back and complains, don't worry about it.

> Thanks,
> Juan
> [1]. http://vejeta.no-ip.org/conquerv4/

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@fastmail.fm>

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